"Everything going on at Meharry is positive. The reception area is very nice, and they talk very nice to you. I enjoyed the wait time and the doctor."

Mary W. - The Meharry Clinic

"I love going there. I’ve already recommended them to other people. They have it priced where people with no insurance can reasonably afford it, because I’ve actually taken people there who didn’t have any insurance and their children needed to get vaccinated. It was a lot cheaper than it would’ve been anywhere else."

Carmen G. - Total Health Medical and Dental

"Dr. Collier has been quite diligent in dealing with my brother and the problems that he has. In fact, we were able to get a surgical thing taken care of just recently because she had detected this on a test that she had him to take."

Beverly K. - The Meharry Clinic

"Dr. Martinez is the first woman doctor I’ve ever had. So far, I haven’t had not even one … problem with her. She takes the time, she goes through when I go to get that bloodwork done – she explains what’s what. If there’s something I need to get some advice on, she’ll tell me. This woman’s a pro."

Larry L. - Total Health Medical and Dental

"If there’s something that you need that’s ailing you, Dr. Lampkin will 100 percent get you healed. You know what’s so good about Dr. Lampkin? He talks to you and he doesn’t rush you. He’s never rushed me. I don’t care what’s going on. He makes sure he listens and when you’re finished, you know he’s got everything you said."

Paulette R. - The Meharry Clinic

“I’ll be returning. I like the patient care that I’m getting.”

Anna W. – Meharry Family Medicine at Skyline

“I’ve been a patient at Meharry since 2001. I’ve had a number of doctors – two, three or four, and it seems that every time … the step is just higher.”

Betty C. – Meharry Family Medicine at Skyline

“I’ve been going up there for about ten years. They’ve always treated me with the utmost respect.”

Robert R. – Meharry Family Medicine at Skyline