Meharry Community Wellness Center

The Meharry Wellness Center and First Response Center provides through, compassionate, care to individuals in need of primary care including HIV services, hepatitis care, sexually transmitted disease treatment and preventative care, HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis ( PREP), and HIV post exposure prophylaxis (PEP), dental care, specialty care, support services, transgender health care and other conditions that impact the overall well-being  of our community. We offer a network of caring providers and supportive programs to meet their individual needs.

We unite Meharry’s  well qualified physicians and staff from multiple disciplines into one program that allows us to serve as a leader in treatment, prevention, education, and research.


To deliver high quality care to our patients

To reduce transmission of HIV infection

To educate patients to improve their overall health

To provide screening and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections

To provide preventative vaccinations for transmissible diseases

To increase access to medication through our clinic and associated pharmacies

To provide supportive care and treatment for patients that are misusing substances

How to become our patient 

At the wellness and First response centers we look forward to providing whatever services are needed, including primary care of high risk patients, HIV services, supportive and preventative treatments.

We accept self-referrals and referrals from community based organizations, medical/specialty providers, mental health providers and other complimentary services within the community. Our program accepts HDAP, Medicaid, Medicare, managed care and commercial insurance plans. We will also work with you to become enrolled in some managed care programs.  Some of our services are provided for free or low cost based on the individuals ability to pay and our available grants.  Please contact our social workers and front desk with insurance questions.

Our services: 

Primary Care – Routine medical care including health maintenance evaluations and follow-up care for chronic medical conditions in our high risk patients.

HIV Primary care:  Our staff have over 30 years of experience providing the latest in HIV treatments, we serve as primary care providers with expertise in HIVAIDS care in our community.

Directly observed therapy – (DOT) for patients with complex regimens

Transportation – to clinic and hospital appointments

Specialty Care – Located on site our specialty care includes OBGYNoral health/dentalpsychiatrypsychology, nutritional services and screening for anal, rectal, sigmoid and cervical cancersocial work support with disability services applications when warranted.

HIV Prevention: The Wellness center is committed to the prevention of the spread of HIV by providing access to medications and in providing programs that address the needs of our patients.

  • nPEP – or non-occupational post exposure prophylaxis, is a medication regimen to prevent HIV infection in the event of a risky exposure to HIV. nPEP is available 247 through our hospitals emergency room and at our wellness center during business hours.


  • PREP – is a medication that has been shown to prevent HIV infection if taken daily. We also provide support for underinsured and uninsured patients to obtain this medication regimen.


  • Hepatitis B/C testing and treatment: We provide care to patients infected with hepatitis and those co-infected HIV. Patients receive education, treatment


  • STI testing and treatment – routine STD testing, treatment and counseling along with hepatitis and HPV vaccinations as indicated. We also follow up those that have been seen in our emergency room as victims of sexual assault.


  • Directly Observed Treatment ( DOT) – If you are having trouble to remember to take you medications or difficultly taking medications for any reason we can arrange to have you either come o our clinic or have someone meet you to help you adjust to taking medication.


  • Liver Elastography (fibroscan) which is a non-invasive test similar to an ultrasound to determine the degree of fibrosis, evaluate for cirrhosis and portal hypertension. This test may alleviate the need for a liver biopsy in patients with viral hepatitis.

For more information you may contact us at the Meharry Wellness Center at 615-327-5788.