Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed? Expand

If the patient has insurance, the insurance will be filed with the carrier first. All remaining balances will be sent to the patient via Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Self-pay patients will receive a statement 30 days after a visit indicating the balance due for the visit. Payment plans can be arranged for large balances upon request.

Which hospitals will my Meharry physician refer to? Expand

Nashville General Hospital at Meharry, TriStar Centennial Hospital, or St. Thomas Midtown Hospital.

Do you offer services to veterans? Expand

Meharry Medical Group partners with the Department of Veteran Affairs through the Veterans Health Administration Office of Academic Affiliations to provide medical care to our nation’s veterans. The VA determines the eligibility of veterans to receive care from Meharry Medical Group. To be seen at Meharry Medical Group, veterans need to be referred to a Meharry physician by their primary care physician at the Tennessee Valley VA Healthcare System.

Is health insurance required? Expand

No. We accept self-pay patients, and we also allow patients to utilize payment programs to pay their medical bills.

What is the relationship between Meharry Medical Group and Nashville General Hospital at Meharry? Expand

The Meharry Medical Group physicians provide professional services at Nashville General Hospital at Meharry. We are two completely separate organizations that work together to provide the best possible care to our patients.

What is the relationship between Meharry Medical Group and Meharry Medical College? Expand

Meharry Medical College established the Meharry Medical Group (MMG) in 1981. Meharry Medical Group oversees the clinical practice for the college, providing training opportunities for students under the direction of board-certified physicians while delivering affordable, high-quality care to the Nashville area community.

Are services provided by students? Expand

Board-certified physicians to provide all medical services. As a training facility, students rotate through our clinics as part of their medical school education, to observe and assist the medical provider. If you prefer to see your doctor in a learner-free environment, ask for an appointment in the 4th floor Primary Care Medicine Clinic via phone at 615.327.6348 (MD4U).

How do I find more information about Meharry Medical College? Expand

To learn more about Meharry Medical College, visit mmc.edu.

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