Meharry Medical Group Participates at 14th Annual Kids & Kites Day

Pediatrician speaks to person at community event.

Nashville, TN – Meharry Medical Group’s Pediatric Clinic made a significant impact at the 14th Annual Kids & Kites Day held at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park on April 13. Started by former state Sen. Brenda Gilmore, the community event has become a cornerstone in fostering healthy lifestyles and emphasizing the importance of physical activity in combating childhood obesity and other health challenges.

With over 300 parents and children in attendance, the event provided a platform for health awareness and preventive care. Volunteers from the Salt Wagon Clinic at Meharry, a student-run initiative affiliated with Meharry Medical College, conducted 30 blood pressure screenings and 10 diabetes screenings for both children and adults. This clinic, staffed by faculty physicians, exemplifies Meharry’s commitment to accessible healthcare for all.

Meharry’s Pediatric Department, School of Dentistry, Salt Wagon Clinic, and Public Health Department collaborated with various other health community organizations to disseminate vital information and address queries on health-related matters. The collective effort aimed to empower attendees with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Reflecting on the event’s success, pediatrician Dr. Dontal Johnson, stated, “Participating in Kids & Kites Day aligns perfectly with Meharry Medical Group’s mission to serve the community beyond the confines of our clinics. By engaging directly with families in a fun and interactive setting, we can make a meaningful difference in promoting health and wellness.”

Meharry Medical Group looks forward to continued involvement in such events to foster a healthier and more resilient Nashville community.

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